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Efficiency Amplified: Data Sharing & System Integration in Healthcare

In the ever-evolving healthcare sector, efficient data sharing and seamless integration with external systems are paramount. iAdeptive collaborated with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to facilitate streamlined data sharing within CMS, a critical component to support contract acquisition management. Our solution aimed to enhance the accessibility and integration of vital data, ensuring a cohesive approach to contract acquisition.


Enabling seamless integration and efficient data sharing between the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s (CMS) acquisition systems, CAMS & CALM, and the OAGM data lake posed a significant challenge. The task was to establish a robust data pipeline and integrate APIs, ensuring secure and efficient data flow while enabling self-service capabilities for customized reports. The goal was to boost productivity, provide tailored reporting, and enhance decision-making capabilities for OAGM officers, ultimately improving the overall contract acquisition management process.
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Business Value

Our solution focused on seamless integration between the OAGM analytics software, Quicksight, and the CALM application. By establishing a robust data pipeline and integrating APIs for enhanced functionality, we ensured secure and efficient data flow and interactions between systems. This integration empowered OAGM officers by providing self-service capabilities for customized reports, significantly boosting productivity and leading to more tailored and efficient reporting.

Key Facts

Faster report generation
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More tailored & efficient Reporting
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Lesser report management time
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Reduction in data migration costs
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Tech Specs

Robust Data Pipeline Establishment:

Developed a robust data pipeline from the source CMS acquisition systems, CAMS & CALM, to the OAGM data lake, ensuring seamless and efficient data flow.

Integration with APIs for Enhanced Functionality:

Integrated APIs to support EUA user authentication between the EUA system and OAGM analytics software, Quicksight, ensuring secure and seamless system interactions.

Integration with CALM Application:

Integrated OAGM analytics software, Quicksight, with the CALM application, facilitating better data insights and analysis.


Optimizing Integration: Advancements in Data Sharing and Analytics

The migration of OAGM acquisition data to the cloud marked a significant cost-saving venture. Shifting from the Cognos-based system and on-premises data warehouse to the cloud infrastructure drastically reduced operational expenses by eliminating the need for in-house server maintenance and associated costs. The cloud’s flexible pay-as-you-go model optimized resource utilization, ensuring cost efficiency. Moreover, the consolidation of over 100 legacy reports into just 5 report groups streamlined reporting, simplifying data management and substantially reducing the time and effort required for report generation and maintenance. This strategic move not only saved on operational costs but also improved report accessibility and clarity, fostering better decision-making across the organization while minimizing expenses.

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