Contract data digitization using AI

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AI-Powered Contract Data Digitization: Revolutionizing Healthcare Document Management

In the realm of healthcare, the management and accessibility of vast amounts of contractual documents are pivotal for smooth operations. iAdeptive, in collaboration with our valued clients, embarked on a journey to revolutionize this process through the power of AI. Our goal was to streamline and optimize the handling of contract data by employing cutting-edge AI-driven techniques. We sought to enhance accessibility, ensure efficient storage, and enable quick retrieval of crucial contract information.


As organizations experience growth and development, it becomes necessary to enhance records systems in order to effectively handle the increase in daily operations and the growing volume of historical documents. As records systems become more extensive and intricate, managing this task becomes increasingly challenging.

In even the most well-organized electronic record systems, it is common for contract documents to exist in image formats such as PDF. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to access and search for specific information within these documents, as well as requires significantly more storage resources compared to storing the same information in text format or within a database. Additionally, the lack of a universal data format leads decentralized storage of information in separate files, rather than as part of a unified database system.

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Business Value

In the domain of healthcare, the efficient management and accessibility of extensive contractual documents play a vital role in ensuring smooth operations. iAdeptive collaborated with its esteemed clients to revolutionize this process through the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The primary objective was to streamline and optimize contract data handling by employing state-of-the-art AI-driven techniques. The goal was to enhance accessibility, ensure efficient storage, and enable quick retrieval of crucial contract information.

Key Facts

Data accuracy during extraction
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Tech Specs

Programming Languages:

Utilized Python, an efficient and versatile programming language, for AI-powered contract data digitization.

Computer Vision Libraries:

Implemented cutting-edge open-source computer vision libraries like OpenCV and TensorFlow to process and extract data from contract documents.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Libraries:

Utilized OCR libraries such as Tesseract for accurate extraction of text data from scanned images and PDFs.

Machine Learning Frameworks:

Employed machine learning frameworks like Scikit-Learn for training models to recognize and digitize contract data accurately.

Data Storage and Management:

Utilized AWS (Amazon Web Services) Lake Formation and Glue Catalog for efficient data storage, organization, and retrieval.


AI-Driven Contract Data Digitization in Healthcare

The implementation of AI-powered contract data digitization in the healthcare domain, in collaboration with CMS, yielded significant and multifaceted outcomes, enhancing various aspects of document management and accessibility. Below are the key results:

Enhanced Data Accessibility and Storage:

The utilization of AI led to the efficient digitization of contract data, improving accessibility and enabling seamless integration into the broader data infrastructure.

Technical and Operational Efficiency:

Automated document scanning and data extraction greatly improved efficiency, resulting in substantial time and resource savings. This efficiency translated into minimized operational overhead.

Long-term Sustainability:

The implementation of AI ensured the long-term sustainability of document systems by promoting scalable growth while considering technical and human resource limitations.

Improved Oversight and Transparency:

The centralized database facilitated enhanced oversight and transparency. Information was no longer dispersed across numerous separate documents, enabling more comprehensive and well-informed decision-making within the healthcare industry.

Accuracy and Efficiency in Data Extraction:

The AI-driven digitization achieved an accuracy rate of over 95% in data extraction, ensuring reliable and trustworthy digitization results.

Scalable Solutions:

The system was designed with scalability in mind, allowing seamless adaptation to varying document complexities and sizes, ensuring future relevance and adaptability.

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