Identity Management Integration for QuickSight Reporting

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Seamless incorporation of QuickSight's Reporting

Our initiative focused on seamlessly incorporating user authentication and authorization processes into QuickSight’s reporting environment for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. The key challenges were user onboarding, user authentication, user provisioning, and role-based access control.



The challenge was to integrate identity management into QuickSight’s reporting environment to ensure secure user authentication and access control. This involved addressing issues such as user onboarding, authentication, provisioning, and access control based on roles.

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Business Value

We addressed these challenges by enhancing security through stronger access controls, improving user experience by simplifying authentication processes, and achieving cost savings by automating provisioning. This integration resulted in faster decision-making and provided a competitive advantage through a secure and user-friendly reporting environment.

Key Facts

Data accuracy during the migration process
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Redution in overall data migration time
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Uninterrupted operations during the transition phase
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More resource allocation to innovation and strategic initiatives
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Tech Specs

OKTA Integration

Integration of OKTA, a leading identity management solution, to enhance user authentication and access control within QuickSight's reporting environment.

QuickSight Integration

Integration of Amazon QuickSight, a fast, cloud-powered business analytics service, to seamlessly incorporate identity management features and improve the overall user experience.


Enhanced Security and Compliance

Users can now securely access QuickSight reports, resulting in enhanced security, compliance, user experience, and operational efficiency. This integration has played a crucial role in optimizing reporting and analytics efforts for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

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