Modernizing ESRD QIP Measures for CMS

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Empowering dialysis healthcare

Revolutionizing the accuracy and timeliness of ESRD QIP (End Stage Renal Disease, Quality Incentive Program) measures for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid is the core of our data initiative. Our focus is on empowering dialysis healthcare providers to elevate patient care through innovative solutions, leveraging advanced technologies and comprehensive data management.



Our challenge was to transform the accuracy and timeliness of ESRD QIP measures, promoting enhanced patient care and incentivizing dialysis healthcare providers through data-driven insights.

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Business Value

iAdeptive has pioneered a new era of technology for acquiring, storing, and computing ESRD QIP measures. By integrating various CMS data sources and improving data accessibility, quality, and computation, we’ve empowered our client to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and drive quality improvements while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Key Facts

Data accuracy during the migration process
0 %
Uninterrupted operations during the transition phase
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Tech Specs


Providing scalable and secure storage for large amounts of data.


Ensuring a reliable and efficient relational database service for enhanced data management.

Apache Spark:

Enabling high-speed, large-scale data processing and analytics.


Utilized for efficient and concise programming, enhancing overall system performance.


Facilitating efficient and organized data storage and retrieval through graph database capabilities.


Improved Data Accuracy & Optimized process

The modernization of ESRD QIP measures has significantly improved data accuracy, streamlined operations, and empowered our client to optimize payments and enhance the quality of care provided in the healthcare industry.

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