Modernization web development – Facility Dashboard

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Facility Dashboard for ESRD Networks and Dialysis Facilities

The Modernization Web Development – Facility Dashboard is a cutting-edge solution tailored for ESRD Networks and dialysis facilities. It provides a comprehensive dashboard that effectively monitors and reports data compliance issues, ensuring efficient healthcare management.



ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease) Networks and dialysis facilities operate within a healthcare landscape that demands stringent adherence to data compliance. As the importance of accurate and timely data in healthcare continues to grow, the need for a tailored and comprehensive Data Compliance Dashboard became increasingly evident. This was not just a desire but a necessity to ensure smooth operations and adherence to regulatory standards. The challenge was to design and develop a robust Data Compliance Dashboard that precisely meets the unique and critical requirements of these specialized healthcare environments. The goal was to create a solution that not only monitors but effectively reports data compliance issues, thus enabling these healthcare entities to operate at their optimum efficiency while ensuring data integrity and compliance.

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Business Value

The dashboard boosts patient privacy by proactively addressing compliance issues. It streamlines compliance management, allowing staff to focus on care. Access to accurate data enhances decision-making and resource allocation. Scalability ensures long-term compliance with evolving standards.

Key Facts

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Tech Specs

Front-end Framework: Angular

Utilized Angular, a widely recognized front-end framework, to ensure a responsive and dynamic user interface. Angular enhances the user experience and provides a robust, structured framework for efficient development and maintenance.

Architecture: Microservice Architecture

Adopted a Microservice Architecture, enabling the application to be divided into smaller, manageable services. This architecture approach streamlined development, deployment, and scaling, allowing for enhanced flexibility and quicker updates. The microservices approach reduced downtime during updates by 30% and facilitated easy scaling by 40%, improving overall system performance and efficiency.


Enhancing Healthcare: The Data Compliance Dashboard

The development of the Data Compliance Dashboard has delivered substantial benefits. It has effectively addressed a critical challenge in healthcare by safeguarding patient data, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enabling better decision-making. The dashboard stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in healthcare management.

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